5 Green Mobile Apps



The greenMeter application acts like a virtual wind tunnel.
The greenMeter application acts like a virtual wind tunnel.
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The first application we're looking at is greenMeter for the Apple iPhone. This application helps reduce your vehicle's impact on the environment. The application relies on the iPhone's accelerometer to detect and measure forward acceleration. According to Hunter Research and Technology, greenMeter provides data about your car's fuel economy and engine power.

To get the most out of the application, users must enter several data points including the typical cost of fuel for their area, ambient weather conditions (to help calculate drag), vehicle weight and other information. Users might need to consult their vehicle's manual to get all the answers they need. The application uses this information to analyze the vehicle's performance and calculate its environmental impact.

As you accelerate in your vehicle, the application will let you know if your driving habits are environmentally friendly. If you see red, it means you're accelerating too quickly. Because the application relies solely on the accelerometer and not the GPS receiver, the application works for both the Apple iPhone and the iPod Touch. Users need to run iPhone OS 2.0 or later. The application costs $5.99 and can be found in the iPhone application store.