Top 5 Green Mobile Phones

Samsung Blue Earth

Here are two phrases you probably never thought you'd hear together: "solar power" and "touch screen."

Samsung has developed an eco-friendly phone that could be as popular as it is eco-friendly. It comes with an integrated solar panel that Samsung says reduces up to 34.6 percent of battery power; with one hour of sun exposure, the phone can give you 10 minutes of talk time, and 12 hours of sun will get you 4 hours of talk [sources: Miller, Engadget, SBE]. The casing is made from both renewable materials and recycled plastic; and the phone is free of toxic brominated compounds and phthalates.

Blue Earth is loaded with other green functions, like a one-touch energy-saving display mode, an energy-efficient charger and applications like "Eco Walk," which tracks how many steps you take and tells you how much CO2 you're saving by walking instead of driving. And on top of the "I'm so green" functions, it has a full-color touch screen.

Full specs and features aren't out yet, but it was unveiled to the 2009 Mobile World Congress to much excitement. The phone is slated to be available in Europe by the end of 2009 [source: LaGesse].

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