Top 5 Green Robots


3: Sawfish Underwater Lumberjack

The Sawfish fells some underwater timber.
The Sawfish fells some underwater timber.
Image courtesy Triton Logging Inc.

Humans love a good lake. Aside from safeguarding irrigation water, large bodies of water are great for boating, swimming and any number of associated summer pastimes. We're also quite fond of creating our own lakes when nature proves stingy. Just dam the river downstream and -- ta-da -- what was once a valley is now a man-made reservoir ripe for your weekend plans.

Sounds great, right? But creating a man-made lake tends to leave a lot of valuable lumber rooted to the bottom of the lake. In fact, there's an estimated 300 million salvageable submerged trees out there with an estimated value of $50 billion [source: Gordon]. Why cut down oxygen-purifying, carbon-collecting trees on the surface when we could be harvesting sunken treasure?

This is where Triton Logging's Sawfish enters the picture. The 7,000-pound (3,175-kilogram) remote-control submarine dives down, attaches airbags to the tree trunk and then gets to sawing. Triton currently harvests Douglas fir, Western white pine, lodgepole pine and hemlock year round in British Columbia. Not only is this robot green, it's actively raking in the dough.