5 Myths About Green Technology


It's Always Better than Conventional Technology

"Hybrid" doesn't always mean "better."
"Hybrid" doesn't always mean "better."
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When trying to reduce our carbon footprint, many of us gravitate to the newest high-tech thing to hit the market -- it's sure to be the greenest option, right? And greener is always better, isn't it? Not always. Let's look at cars as an example.

A hybrid may seem like the better choice over a conventional car, and when it comes to a gas-guzzling SUV, it is. But when you're shopping for the greenest option, be sure to comparison shop. When comparing hybrids to fuel-efficient, gas-powered cars, the odds don't always stack in the favor of the hybrids. For example, the 2007 Honda Accord Hybrid gets about 27 mpg (11.5 kml), falling short of the 2005 Toyota Echo, a car that runs on gas only and gets about 31 mpg (13 kml).

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