Top 5 Ways to Cut Printer Waste


Conserve Energy

Turning your printer off at night can save a lot of money.
Turning your printer off at night can save a lot of money.

Your printer may not seem like a huge energy drain, but multiply it by an entire office full of printers, and all of the large office buildings in the country, and the energy use becomes substantial. One of the best ways to reduce your printer consumption is by purchasing an energy-efficient printer.

The most energy-efficient printers reduce energy usage, cut costs and help prevent paper waste. Look for a printer with the Energy Star label, which means that it has met the U.S. government's requirements for energy efficiency.

Many newer printers come with a power-save feature that puts the printer into sleep mode when it's not in use. Power-save makes your printer more energy efficient by shutting it down at night, on the weekends or whenever it's been sitting dormant for a certain period of time. If your computer does not have a sleep mode, turn it off or unplug it whenever it's not in use. Just turning your printer off at night can cut its annual energy cost by $30 or more [source: APS].