Top 5 Ways to Cut Printer Waste


Use Paper Wisely

You don't have to stop printing entirely, but you can make better use of your printer paper. If you haven't already noticed, each piece of paper comes with not one, but two sides. Why not use both of them? By changing your printer settings to double-sided, you'll immediately cut your paper consumption in half.

Another great way to conserve paper is by using all of the available space on a sheet. Trim your margins back by changing the settings on your page setup. Just reducing your margins from 1 inch to 0.5 inch can cut several pages off a large document. One report by Penn State University found that the university could save 72 acres (291,373 square kilometers) of forest and more than $120,000 a year just by reducing margin settings throughout the campus [source: UC Davis]. You can also fit more onto each page by changing your Word preferences to print multiple pages per sheet.

Adjusting your font can also help you get more out of each page. Reduce the font size, or download the new EverGreen font, which is designed to maximize the number of words that can be squeezed onto each page without affecting readability.

The Web is a particularly notorious paper waster. How many times have you printed out a 30-page document, only to find that 20 of those pages consisted of ads and empty space? You can help reduce waste by previewing documents from the Web before you print them and selecting only the range of content you want to print. If you don't want to sift through each Web page yourself, download software that eliminates Internet print waste. GreenPrint analyzes every page of every Web document you send to the printer and gets rid of ads, logos and empty pages for you.