How Ecodrain Works

What if you could capture some of the heat of all that hot water that goes down the drain? See more green science pictures.

You may have already started shortening your showers to conserve water, but have you ever thought about just how much energy is escaping down the drain every time you shower? One Canadian company has thought about it, and has come up with a unique solution. It's called EcoDrain.

When you take a shower, the water moves quickly from the showerhead over your body and down the drain. Because of that speed, the water doesn't lose much heat and ends up running down the drain while it's still warm. Meanwhile, cold water enters the system to replace the water in the shower, and it needs to be fully heated by the home's water heater.

EcoDrain is a group of heat exchangers that recapture the heat that's lost through shower drains. It uses the warmth from the water running down the drain to heat the cold water before it enters the shower. That means that the hot water heater doesn't have to work as hard, less energy is used, and theoretically, energy bills are lower.

Keep reading to learn how to install EcoDrain, and how much energy it might save in your home.