How Solar Air Conditioners Work

Concerns about Solar Air Conditioners

For those looking to replace their conventional air conditioning with a greener option, solar-powered absorption chillers do offer reduced energy consumption but will increase a home's water consumption. By design, chillers need to be hooked up to a water line or water storage tank, making them a little less green than the hybrid solar-powered air conditioners that run on solar energy and battery power.

And no matter which style you prefer, a solar-powered air conditioner unit is going to cost you. It's not as much as installing solar panels on your roof, but compared to medium-sized conventional window air conditioning units that typically sell in the hundreds of dollars, a solar-powered system will cost you a few thousand plus installation fees. Chillers will also need to be hooked up to a water line. However, the cost savings to the planet and to your wallet in the long run could be encouragement enough.

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