Is spinach really a good source of iron or not?

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Author's Note: Is spinach really a good source of iron or not?

My first experience with spinach (that I remember, anyway) was in the cafeteria of my elementary school. All the foods we were served, from buttery rolls to mashed potatoes, were made in the school kitchen by a handful of fabulous cooks. It made such an impression that some of their now-adult students, including several of my classmates and myself, occasionally request a favorite school lunch recipe from the lunch ladies. I plan to surprise one of my older brothers with a batch of Whitewater Elementary School's frosted raisin bars the next time he's here for a visit, and there's one other dish I make quite often that's inspired by those early dining experiences. Cooked spinach. I know it's hard to imagine a bunch of elementary children tucking into a plate of cooked spinach, but I promise you it happened. Not only did these women put a lot of care into the food they whipped up for us, but they also encouraged us to sample a little of everything. Turns out they were right. Sometimes you just have to try it.

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