How Cornucopia's Digital Gastronomy Works

Will the Cornucopia Be a Reality?

An innovation like the Cornucopia may seem unrealistic at first, but Coelho and Zoran have begun building prototypes of some of the canisters and vaults used for food storage. They've experimented with each device's interface and control panel, and they've worked with some of the heating and cooling mechanisms of each machine. But the two are still experimenting with which portions of the Cornucopia are feasible and which will remain in the futuristic realm, at least for the time being.

Coelho and Zoran are not at the stage where they can discuss a release date for the project, or even if the project will ever become a reality. It's similar to a concept car show that displays futuristic cars in an effort to learn what works and what doesn't. The majority of cars in a concept car show are never seen driving down our nation's highways, and this could also be true of some aspects of the Cornucopia. But even so, the project provokes a discussion about where food is today and where food could go as this technology evolves [source: Coelho]. It presents the idea that amateur chefs can have the tools at their disposal to take gastronomical techniques to the next level, while completely controlling every facet of the food that they produce.

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