How Solar-powered Sunglasses Work

Solar-powered Sunglasses: Cheat Sheet

Could the sun meet all of our energy needs?
Could the sun meet all of our energy needs?
Photo courtesy of NASA

Stuff You Need to Know:

  • These Self-Energy Converting Sunglasses (SIG) are able to absorb solar energy through special lenses coated with dye-sensitizing solar cells (DSC). In addition to being used as a glass-coating dye, these cells can also be turned into low-cost, lightweight, transparent and flexible sheets.
  • Solar cells are engineered in two layers: a photosensitive layer made of ultrathin, nano-sized semiconductor crystals over a thin layer of titanium dioxide. When photons from the sun's rays are absorbed by the photosensitive layer, electrons accumulate on the titanium dioxide, creating an electrical current.
  • When solar cells absorb the sun's rays and convert sunlight into electrical energy, it's called photovoltaics. What's released? Nothing more than electrons.

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