10 Silly Inventions That Became Wildly Famous

The Hula Chair
No, it’s not really a hula hoop … it just acts like one. iStock/Thinkstock

Wow, and you thought the Shake Weight had a weird advertising campaign. The Hula Chair and its imitators have a motorized seat that moves in a circular motion as you sit on it. According to vendors, the chair is meant to help you develop stronger abdominal muscles while simultaneously giving you an invigorating massage in the process. The commercials for the product show people performing normal activities, including office work, while sitting on a moving chair.

Whether or not the Hula Chair delivers any benefit to people trying to tone their tummies is a matter of debate. Reviews for the device point out that it's not easy to sit on a moving chair and behave as if nothing unusual is going on. According to MSNBC.com fitness correspondent Jay Blahnik, the chair won't make you shed unwanted inches around your waist [source: Does it Work]. It might make you a big hit at parties, however.