5 Inventions Alaskans Are Asking For

If you live in Alaska and your garbage can has been overturned, you can probably blame this hungry guy! See more pictures of Arctic animals.

Life in Alaska isn't for sissies. With harsh climate conditions, bizarre daytime to nighttime ratios and the occasional moose or bear lurking in the bushes, Alaskans have anything but a run-of-the-mill lifestyle.

Despite these challenges, few Alaskans would even consider calling anywhere else home.

True Alaskans know what it takes to make life in this undeniably beautiful state enjoyable: a little bit of grit, some extra-warm clothes and a bottle of vitamins.

Of course, a few cleverly designed inventions would make it easier for both native Alaskans and tourists to navigate and enjoy the state's many offerings. You never know -- today's pipe dream could be tomorrow's reality!

Read on for a few fanciful inventions that could soften the edges of life in Alaska.