5 Inventions Alaskans Are Asking For


For Fashion's Sake

Break-up boots would save a lot of Alaskans from fashion disasters.
Break-up boots would save a lot of Alaskans from fashion disasters.
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Everyone knows how hard it is to dress for in-between seasons or really extreme weather. What do you wear in late summer when you've given up white but it's too hot for fleece? How do you get dressed for the coldest day in winter? Alaskans would laugh at your wardrobe dilemmas -- theirs are even more problematic. We've got two ideas for them, though.

Springtime in Alaska isn't all daisies and green grass. Natives call this season "breakup" because rising temperature causes all that beautiful snow to melt, transforming the once-picturesque terrain into a muddy, slushy mess. A line of breakup fashion wear would flawlessly camouflage the inevitable mud spatters and keep Alaskans in style at the same time. We're thinking about sleek, slip-proof cognac boots and smartly tailored chocolate pants paired with nutmeg tunics. (See where we're going with this?)

We've got climate control in our cars; now, how about climate-controlled clothes? Think about those Hypercolor T-shirts that changed color based on the temperature of your hands -- wouldn't it be great if clothes were made of some sort of super fabric that adjusted your body temperature based on climate? Such a genius invention would eliminate the need for bulky, uncomfortable and unflattering layers of long underwear and parkas.