5 Inventions Alaskans Are Asking For

Indoor Doggie Potties

No matter how far the thermometer dips below zero, we have the comfort of knowing that the bathroom is just down the hall. Our fuzzy buddies aren't so lucky. Sure, some of our smaller four-legged friends can use piddle pads inside the house when nature calls, but bigger dogs are -- quite literally -- left out in the cold.

Some breeds, like the Siberian husky, are tailor-made for life in Arctic climates. Unfortunately, less hardy breeds are more sensitive to the extreme cold, making bathroom breaks downright miserable. Indoor doggie potties, conveniently hooked into your existing plumbing system, would be a humane alternative to subzero potty breaks. As an added bonus, pet owners could ditch finally ditch the pooper scooper and plastic baggies.

It'll probably be awhile before this genius invention comes to fruition. In the meantime, if you absolutely must send Fido outside, be sure to outfit him with specially made doggie booties to protect his delicate feet. Don't think that's necessary? Try walking around in the snow in your bare feet. You'll probably change your mind in a hurry!

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