Top 5 Web Mashups


Music buffs love finding ever more information about their favorite melodies. SongDNA is a bit like a precision Internet search for individual songs. Simply enter the name of a musician and a song title, and SongDNA pulls up an abundance of information about that specific tune. You'll discover how well the song performed on the pop charts, view lyrics, and find links to videos of studio and live versions of the song.

You can also see on which albums the song appears -- and then buy the song or album immediately. Or, you can check out the Twitter vibe to get a feel for what people are saying about the tune. But beware: Not everyone may like the new Britney Spears hit as much as you do.

This mashup works as an application that installs on your smartphone. You can also use it on your regular computer, but only if you use the Opera Web browser -- SongDNA works as a plug-in for this browser.