10 Oddball Questions Scientists Have Genuinely Tried to Answer

If you name a cow, are you going to get more milk?
She looks like an Amber to us.
She looks like an Amber to us.

It might not be all in a name, per se, but one study came to the conclusion that when stock managers know all the cows in a herd individually, the amount of milk those better-beloved cows can crank out is quite a bit higher. It came to about 68 gallons (258 liters) more a year, based on a survey of 516 stock managers on U.K. dairy farms [source: Bertenshaw, Rowlinson].

There are still some causation and correlation questions to be pondered regarding this conclusion, and more fieldwork to be done to verify the results. But if your preferred milk of choice comes from a cow who's a happy camper, you've probably got a lot more of it coming your way.