10 Oddball Questions Scientists Have Genuinely Tried to Answer


Can you make a bra that works as a gas mask?

You can! One for you and one for the person sitting next to you. Just be sure you put your C-cup on before assisting other passengers. As silly as this sounds, though, the reason behind the research is much more sobering. After the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, people could have been spared from exposure to large quantities of iodine-131 (a source of radiation sickness) if they had had fast access to gas masks [source: Daily Mail].

So since most ladies don said lingerie on a daily basis, arming them with bras that could double as lifesaving devices made practical sense. And it's not just nuclear fallout that could make these underwear oddities marketable products – there are lots of life-threatening scenarios in which a bugged-out bra could come in handy in a pinch. In pretty much any situation where air quality is seriously compromised, these babies will be there for the win.