Cool, Comical and Captivating: Our Best Stories You Might Have Missed This Week

Orangutans can breastfeed for up to nine years, new research shows. JENS SCHLUETER/AFP/Getty Images
Orangutans can breastfeed for up to nine years, new research shows. JENS SCHLUETER/AFP/Getty Images


Behind on some of our stories? We've rounded up some of our best podcasts and articles of the week, in case they escaped your notice. Keep reading for the latest on robotic falcons making airports safer and smog-sucking bicycles.

The Cool

Research has shown that orangutans are closely related to humans. But when it comes to nursing habits, baby orangutans are way more, well, attached at the teat than human children — they can suckle for up to eight or nine years. Read this article to find out more about the great apes' surprisingly long breastfeeding period.

Bikes have long been hailed as environmentally friendly, healthy alternatives to cars, and their use for transportation is growing in some major cities around the world. Now, a Dutch artist hopes to up the bike's "green" factor by creating the Smog Free Bicycle, built to remove pollution particles from the air around the cyclist. Writer Patrick J. Kiger details the concept in this recent article.

Successfully completing a human head transplant is a lofty goal — but that hasn't stopped some surgeons from aspiring to reach it. Learn about the doctors who've drummed up talk about the complicated and controversial procedure in a recent episode of the Stuff You Should Know podcast. Listen below:

The Comical

Even if you're one of those people who staunchly believes "The Simpsons" is a sinking ship, the show will still go down in history as a fascinating display of smart satire and pioneering TV. We take a deep dive into the legendary show in a new article.

There's finally a scientifically backed reason to decry pop music: A new analysis shows it has been getting more repetitive since the '50s. Read the article about the research here, then feel free to opine about why today's music "just isn't the same."

The Captivating

Airplanes are incredible technological feats, and models of human advancement — but they still can be taken down by birds. That's why one scientist created Robird, a winged drone made to mimic the flight of a falcon and scare away birds from airports. Check out this article to learn more about the wildlife strike problem and to see Robird in action.

In 1925, a high school teacher went on trial for teaching evolution, which was against the law. The case, which became a theological and scientific tug-of-war, is one of the most famous in U.S. history. Listen to Stuff You Missed in History Class hosts Tracy and Holly tell the rest of the story in a recent episode of the podcast.

Samsung may have caused a mess (figuratively and literally) recently with its exploding battery debacle, but the company's history is a fascinating one with modest origins. Hear all about it in a new episode of TechStuff.