Cool, Curious and Compelling: Our Best Stories You Might Have Missed This Week

Contestants in the World Gravy Wrestling Championship compete in a pit full of -- you guessed it -- gravy. The competition isn't all goo and games, though; it's a fundraising event. Alan Martin/ActionPlus/Corbis via Getty Images

You may not have been expecting to learn about gravy wrestling, creepy robots and craft beer brewed with bread today, but what's life without a little surprise? Keep reading for more on our most fascinating and peculiar podcasts, articles and videos from this week.

The Cool

You might know that Tuesdays are great days to get tacos and that wine is popular on Wednesdays (thanks to alliteration). But what day of the week is the best for, say, avoiding a bank robbery? Part-Time Genius hosts Will and Mango give the lowdown on the best day of the week in a new episode of the podcast.

Banner Butter makes a whopping 1,200 pounds (544 kilograms) of butter every week. In the latest video installment of FoodStuff hosts Anney and Lauren visit the food producer to get the scoop on the dairy product and see how it's made. Watch the episode here.

Americans waste a ton of food — in fact, they dump enough to feed 84 percent of adults in the U.S. an adequate diet with necessary nutrients. But one company, Toast Ale, is combating the food waste problem by converting unused bread that was headed to the can into craft beer. Read about it here.

The Curious

Sometimes, androids and humanlike figures are so lifelike they give you goosebumps. Roboticist Masahiro Mori charted that feeling in the '70s, and since then, human replicas have only gotten spookier. (Think of those dull eyes and eerily accurate movements!) Get weird with hosts Josh and Chuck as they delve into the theory of the uncanny valley in a recent episode of Stuff You Should Know.

There are some pretty odd food combinations out there: peanut butter and pickles, french fries and ice cream, gravy and ... wrestling. Yeah — there's an annual World Gravy Wrestling Championship in Britain, where, apparently, gravy is a "liquid comfort." See photos of this messy tradition in a new article.

Imaginary friends may make children's tea parties a lot more fun, but do they signal mental instability? Scientists used to think they were problematic, but as this new in-depth article explains, these invisible companions can play a role in a kid's creativity and development.

The Compelling

Although the term "intersectionality" originated in academia, it's more than a scholarly concept. Stuff Mom Never Told You Hosts Emilie and Bridget discuss the theory, which describes how different manifestations of discrimination and social identity interact, and its significance in a new episode of the podcast.

If you purchased a McLaren F1, you're probably not the frugal type. But you might be surprised by how much it costs just to keep this supercar in shape. CarStuff hosts Scott and Ben run down the numbers in a new episode of the podcast.

Considering North Korea's isolated and enigmatic nature, as well as its constant threats, it's no wonder people are curious about the Hermit Kingdom. Writer Patrick J. Kiger details the history, politics and culture of the country in the in-depth article "How North Korea Works."

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