Eerie, Eccentric & Extraordinary: Our Best Stories You Might've Missed This Week

Darius the rabbit (pictured) is the father of Simon, the giant rabbit that died on a recent United Airlines flight. Caters TV
Darius the rabbit (pictured) is the father of Simon, the giant rabbit that died on a recent United Airlines flight. Caters TV


What do hobbyhorse riders, mysterious light phenomena and giant rabbits have in common? Well, not much, besides the fact that they're all featured in some awesome stories HowStuffWorks delved into this week. Keep reading to catch up on these stories and more you may have missed in the hustle and bustle of the week.

The Eerie

Researchers identified a new, supercool space weather phenomenon that's neither proton arc nor aurora and named it — (drumroll, please) — Steve. We promise, the actual phenomenon isn't nearly as mundane as the name. Read the article on the puzzling sightings here.

Cotard's delusion is so bizarre that it seems fictional, but it's very real — sometimes, the living believe they're dead. Dig into the symptoms and psychiatry of the syndrome in this new article.

It's pretty hard to understand irrational fears because they're, well, irrational. But a phobia of clowns, harbingers of laughter, joy and silliness, can seem exceptionally unreasonable. How could anyone be afraid of them? A new episode of BrainStuff addresses that question. Listen to the podcast here.

The Eccentric

Even the most zealous of Walt Whitman fans might not have known that the poet once worked as a men's health columnist under the pen name Mose Velor. Here's a tip, from the man himself: "The beard is a great sanitary protection to the throat — for purposes of health it should always be worn, just as much as the hair of the head should be." Interested in reading more of his wise words? Head to this article.

Sure, Walt Whitman's advice was probably helpful for some of his readers. But we could also get a health tip or two from the naked mole rat, which can survive for a while without oxygen by using fructose for fuel. Find out how the talented animals basically turn into plants in this article.

If we told you riding decorated hobbyhorses was an actual sport, would you believe us? No? Well, here's the article to back that up, straight from the horse's mouth.

The Extraordinary

Brunch: It's breakfast for late risers and lunch for eager eaters. The portmanteau is associated with some seriously tasty bites. But its history is also wrapped up in some problematic ideas. Hosts Lauren and Anney reveal the complex origins of the meal in a new episode of FoodStuff.

Idiot box, boob tube, noise box — the television has assumed many nicknames and has undergone many iterations since its inception. The TechStuff podcast takes us back to the device's beginnings, when the science was new and the social reception was a little less ... disparaging.

When you're tallying up potential nonhuman foes, you probably wouldn't put rabbits on the list. But if we said those rabbits were the size of a small human child, circumstances may change. Simon, a 3-foot, 5-inch (104-centimeter) rabbit, died on a recent flight, unfortunately — but he is survived by his record-breaking family of Continental Giant rabbits. Learn about the massive mammals and Simon's peculiar death in this new article.