Hear and Now: Arachnids, Autism and the Anthropocene

Hear and Now: Arachnids, Autism and the Anthropocene HowStuffWorks NOW

Here's something you may not know about the team at HowStuffWorks. We, like you, have a bunch of different responsibilities as part of our job. For us, that means every host you see or hear on HowStuffWorks Now also is off hosting their own podcast or video or both, sometimes all in the same day. This week we wanted to highlight what those folks are up to when they're not scripting and starring in a Now video.

Cristen Conger, who brought you this week's first story on how women with autism aren't getting diagnosed is one half of the Stuff Mom Never Told You duo and has been covering the business of being a woman from all sorts of rigorously researched angles for years now. If you were interested in the autism story, then you'll probably also like the additional video on women and autism that she did for SMNTY (called sminty for short around the office; rhymes with minty).

Jonathan Strickland is generally our go-to guy for all things tech, future and space. For years, he's been heading up our TechStuff podcast, which is pretty much about exactly what you'd think, and diving into the fascinating intersection of future and technology for Fw:Thinking. And so it makes total sense that he'd be the guy to cover this week's story on how humans are entering a new epoch named after us humans, and our vast influence on the planet. Er, right?

Which brings us to Lauren Vogelbaum, your host on the HowStuffWorks Now podcast, a member of the Fw:Thinking team along with Jonathan and Joe McCormick, and a video writer and talent on the video series BrainStuff. Lauren brought you the story of those social spiders who share their food so equitably that it just may kill off the colony. So if you dug that topic, chances are you might like her article on whether we should bioenhance people to be nicer in the future, a topic that she also explored in podcast form on Fw:Thinking.   

So that's a little about some of the folks whose voices and faces you hear on HowStuffWorks Now. We hope you dig this week's podcast, which we've embedded in this article. If you like what you hear, please subscribe