Hear and Now: More Edible Tech and Penis Transplants, Less Internet Access

Hear and Now: More Edible Tech and Penis Transplants, Less Internet Access HowStuffWorks

Greetings, readers and, we hope, would-be listeners! The sixth episode of newcomer podcast HowStuffWorks Now dropped today and is available for your immediate consumption.

If you've listened before, you know the drill: Each week we cover three news stories that we thought you'd want to know about, with Lauren Vogelbaum serving as your podcast host, weaving them together. This week, we covered a lot of ground.

First up was Lauren, who reported on the second successful penis transplant ever to occur, the first in the U.S. and only the third worldwide. As Lauren notes, transplants like these, as major as they are, could be welcome news for patients with penile cancer who are facing penectomies or for those who have otherwise experienced serious pelvic injury.

Jonathan Strickland wondered whether Internet access should be a human right, as the U.N. has proposed, and discussed two recent instances where nations decided to limit or totally restrict access to the Internet.

And rounding out the trio was Robert Lamb, who delved into the world of edible electronics that taste like cheese and that could have all sorts of interesting biomedical uses. Here's the link for that bit of research out of Arizona State University.

Strangely enough, it was seemingly a big week for ingestible tech: We also ran a story on the tiny, edible MIT robot made from a magnet and pork casings, but you won't find that one in the podcast.

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