Hear and Now: More Shampoo for You!

Hear and Now: More Shampoo for You! HowStuffWorks

Every week, the HowStuffWorks Now podcast aims to bring you three stories that 1) pique your curiosity, 2) keep you current on what's up with science, technology and general world happenings, and 3) enable you to get EVERY LAST BIT of shampoo out of the bottle. Wait, what?

Yep, as Robert Lamb reports, we soon may be showering our way into an exciting age of ‘poo conservation, thanks to an engineering breakthrough. Who should you thank for this eminently useful innovation? That would be the researchers at Ohio State University, who have devised an inner lining for plastic shampoo and soap bottles that consists of ultra-fine silica nanoparticles.

On a more serious note, Ben Bowlin stepped in to brief us on the ramifications of the landmark Supreme Court case Utah v. Strieff. The ruling, which came on June 20, 2016, stipulated that, under certain circumstances, evidence found during an illegal stop could, in fact, be used in legal proceedings. Justice Sonya Sotomayor dissented vigorously and argued that this ruling erodes the Fourth Amendment rights of the average American.

We wrapped it up with some sweet news from Jonathan Strickland, who reported on the intersection of chocolate and electric fields. Temple University scientists were looking for a way to make chocolate stop clogging up manufacturing equipment when they discovered that harnessing the power of electric fields could make chocolate less viscous, less fatty and, arguably, better tasting. Win, win, win.

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