Top 10 Scientific Discoveries of 2013

Jim Morrison, the Lizard King
He may have been gone more for than 40 years, but he's certainly not forgotten, as Barbaturex morrisoni attests. © Gonzalo Fuentes/Reuters/Corbis

Jim Morrison, the inspiration behind the storied '70s rock band The Doors, might be dead (is he?), but he still lives on, and not just in his music. In June, scientists named a new species of lizard for the self-proclaimed, hard-rocking "Lizard King."

Barbaturex morrisoni was a rather large, plant-eating reptile that roamed the planet some 36-40 million years ago. B. morrisoni was as large a Dalmatian [source: Huffington Post]. The king of the lizards lived during a period in Earth's history when temperatures were skyrocketing, and, indeed, scientists think the warm temps contributed to B. morrisoni's unusual success as a big, herbivorous lizard.

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