Weird, Wacky and Wonderful: Our Best Stories You Might Have Missed This Week

This week's roundup of HowStuffWorks podcasts and articles features a story on how seniors may be just as addicted to smartphones as their grandchildren. MediaForMedical/UIG via Getty Images

There's a good chance some of our stories escaped your notice this week. That's OK — keep reading to get the highlights of some of our latest podcasts and articles. Super on top of things and up to date on all our stories? Check them out a second time — you might discover something new.

The Weird

Spelling, conjugation, context, syntax ... learning a new language is an arduous process. It's basically impossible to learn to speak a new language fluently in a day — except for people who have foreign accent syndrome. Click the podcast player in this article to listen to Josh and Chuck discuss the rare condition in a new episode of Stuff You Should Know.

Stuff They Don't Want You to Know hosts Matt, Ben and Noel delve into the bizarre case of the Lake City Quiet Pills, a mystery involving a Reddit user, puzzling websites, possible assassinations and (of course) conspiracy. Listen here.

There's no doubt that the nose is a fascinating body part — it helps us detect dangerous substances, clean dirty air and, most importantly, smell and taste delicious foods. But there's new news about the nose: As writer Alia Hoyt reports in a recent article, its shape depends in part on climate.

The Wacky

Ah, memes. Depending on your disposition, you might consider them a waste of space on the internet, or a totally valuable form of entertainment, digital and IRL. TechStuff host Jonathan Strickland might fall into the latter category, as he devoted the latest episode of the podcast to tech memes.

"The Flintstones" is known for its characters' wacky exclamations and its absurd juxtaposition of modern situations in a prehistoric setting. But the property gets even more anachronistic in a new Flintstones comic, taking on capital issues like marriage equality and TV violence headfirst. Read this article to find out how Bedrock is getting a little more cutting-edge in the reboot.

For all the millennial jokes about short attention spans and addiction to digital devices, seniors may be just as attached to their smartphones. No, this isn't an article by a vengeful 20-something, dying to defend her side of the story (because millennials are such know-it-alls, amirite?) Yes, it's an article armed with facts about how more people over 50 are adopting smartphones and using them to fuel offline addictions.

The Wonderful

Aphra Behn — spy, translator and poet, among other professions —  inspires wonder in the sense that she was both amazing and a mystery. Tracy and Holly dig into the multifaceted life of Behn in a recent episode of Stuff You Missed in History Class.

FoodStuff, our newest podcast, gets chilly in a brand-new episode about frozen food, which has a surprising history of science, innovation and controversy. Listen to the episode here.

It's a good day when paleontologists unearth new information about giant terrestrial animals, mainly because it makes us realize how fortunate we are not to have to live with gargantuan prehistoric beasts. An enormous footprint discovered in Australia might have belonged to a dinosaur of record-setting size. Find out how big it is in this article