Science Questions

Science questions are a fun and interesting way to learn about planet Earth, organisms and the universe. In this section you'll find an incredible collection of science questions covering a wide variety of topics.

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Hear and Now: Kengoro, the Sweaty, Pushup-loving Robot

Plus, you're probably merging into traffic all wrong, and we help you get smart about your smartphone battery.

Hear and Now: Coffee So Bad It Made History!

Plus, Georgia Tech researchers figured out an 'easy' way for you to learn Morse code, and we explain why U.S. citizens vote on a Tuesday in November.

Hear and Now: Echidnas Are the Coolest Monotremes Ever

Plus, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange found himself without internet access, and Facebook really isn't helping your fear of missing out.

Hear and Now: A Chair That'll Save You From Standing in Line. Forever.

Plus, you'll learn about a semi-autonomous car that can be steered with a tilt of the head, and you'll meet the family that inspired a familiar saying.

Hear and Now: Bike Helmets That Inflate

Plus, new studies have found that horses can communicate with us humans better than we thought, and your walk says more than you realize about your personality.

Hear and Now: Project Iceworm's Getting Warmer

Plus, Saudi women are challenging the current guardianship system, and we bid a fond farewell to Rosetta.

Hear and Now: Banning Sarcasm and Losing Space Stations

Plus, divers just found some 2,000-year-old human bones! Listen to the HowStuffWorks Now podcast to get the scoop on that story and more.

Hear and Now: Cats Dig Food Puzzles

Plus, robots are angling for nearly 8.7 million U.S. jobs by 2021, and the superhero team has been around for way longer than you might guess.

Hear and Now: It's Underwater Week!

Cuttlefish can count to five! Plus, catfish appetites know no bounds, and China has big plans for an underwater lab.

Hear and Now: Arachnids, Autism and the Anthropocene

Sharing isn't always caring when it comes to spiders. Plus, adult women may not be getting autism diagnoses, and Earth could be entering a new epoch, courtesy of humans.

Hear and Now: Robots Are Getting Soft

Plus, Microsoft Excel is sometimes autocorrecting science, and Seattle is looking to address its opioid problem by opening safe houses for drug use.

Hear and Now: Chemtrails, Canines and, Well, Venus

You've always wondered whether your dog would choose you over food. Now, scientists have some answers. Plus, the team covers chemtrails and a much more agreeable Venus.

Hear and Now: Dogs Are Guinea Worm's Best Friend?

We're close to slaying Guinea worm in humans, only now it's arisen in dogs. The team also has news on humpbacks and on how personality and musical taste are intertwined.

Hear and Now: Fly Me to the Moon

That's what Moon Express must be singing after it got permission to go to the moon. Plus, HowStuffWorks Now covers universal basic income and myths that are real.

Hear and Now: Car Accidents Won't Kill Graham

Plus, HowStuffWorks Now covers the rise of mosquito factories and new research suggesting that investing in public companies with lower-paid CEOs might be a good call.

How Applause Starts and Spreads Is Oddly Scientific

The practice of clapping to show our approval is an ancient one. But recent research suggests that applause actually spreads like a contagious disease.

Hear and Now: Drones Could Clear Unexploded Landmines Within a Decade

Plus, Alexander McQueen could live on in one seriously unique leather jacket, and Jonathan Strickland explains the fun phenomenon of voxels.

Hear and Now: Toast in Space

Plus, the team investigates whether all U.S. gun violence is on the rise and reports on one way lions, cattle and cattle farmers could coexist more peacefully.

Hear and Now: Tesla, Transhumanism and Your Emotions on Marijuana

This week, the team reports on a fatal car accident involving the Tesla Model S, gives you a taste for transhumanism and looks at how marijuana can affect your emotions.

Hear and Now: Chatbot Takes on Parking Tickets — and Wins

Plus, the HowStuffWorks Now podcast also brings you bad news about childhood moves and unusual news about a man and his beloved phone.

Hear and Now: More Shampoo for You!

Plus, the HowStuffWorks Now podcast brings you good news about chocolate and Supreme Court news about illegally obtained evidence.

Hear and Now: Stealing Avocados, Heating Up Polymers and Exercising for Memory

This week the HowStuffWorks Now podcast team talks about some criminal avocado activity, a life hack for better memory and a heavy lifting, shape-shifting polymer.

Hear and Now: A Cancer Vaccine, a Healthy Comic Book Industry and Less Light

This week the HowStuffWorks Now podcast team talks about some good news for comics, a vaccine that may treat cancer and the link between human health and light exposure.

Hear and Now: An Awesome Dagger, a Crazy Idea and Some Ancient Computers

This week the HowStuffWorks Now podcast team reports on King Tut's meteoric dagger, Jeff Bezos' space business plan and some alarmingly old U.S. government computers.

What Do Scientists Think of Science Coverage in the Media?

Very often, media coverage of scientific studies is misleading or just plain wrong. What do scientists think would make it better?