10 Holiday Gifts for Budding Scientists

Perfume Science Kit
Girls will particularly enjoy this gift which comes with eight essentials oils, plus decorative bottles and labels for their perfume creations. Home Science Tools

What if learning and loveliness were one and the same? The Perfume Science Kit for ages 10 and older pairs science with scent (and a sprinkling of history and art) as it encourages young explorers to mix their own perfumed scents.

Children can work their way through the kit's 20 different activities as they learn about the history of perfumes and experiment with four base oils (lemon, wood, floral or musk) and four top-note oils (Orienta, Mentha, Mella, Tropica) to mix perfumes. Scentologists can use decorative bottles, measuring cups, droppers, stirrers, smell strips and more to bring their ideas to life. The detailed instruction manual is as much textbook as guide; it includes steps to brew plant extracts, teaches French scent extraction terms and identifies the plant parts from which the most expensive fragrances are reaped. Even better, budding scientists will be able to get a hands-on understanding of physiology as they learn how the nose and brain work in tandem to recognize smells and store the information for use years later.