10 Completely Obvious Research Discoveries

Busty Women Get Bigger Tips.
This study must have been really unenjoyable to conduct. Eh, Science Man?
This study must have been really unenjoyable to conduct. Eh, Science Man?
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This is, of course, part of the business model Hooters has been banking on for years. Not to offend their kitchen staff. I'm sure such unique and enticing dishes as the Fried Onion Tanglers, Pulled BBQ Pork Sandwich and the Nacho Ordinary Burger are huge draws. (Side note: We wonder which is more popular, the Naked Wings or the Boneless Wings. Much to ponder there). But still, come on.

The greater area of study, sometimes referred to as the "literature on female physical attractiveness" includes this politely-worded niche: "evolutionary theories about the determinants and consequences of female beauty." And perhaps it makes for some really interesting and unexpected research. But not here. Not this time. This time, the shocking conclusion reached by the researchers was: The more you look like Barbie, the better your tips.

But there's more. Another set of researchers wanted to see how big breasts affected a woman's chances of successfully hitchhiking. Female drivers were unfazed by breast size and offered a lift at a fairly steady rate; not so with men. Only about 15 percent would pull over for an A-cup, while nearly 25 percent were enticed enough to stop and give a C-cup a ride [source: Psychology Today].

Welcome to the creepy side of science.

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