10 Ways to Keep Employees Happy


Explain the Big Picture

Employees need to know where they fit into the big picture.
Employees need to know where they fit into the big picture.

In addition to setting goals, employers can also boost satisfaction by ensuring that their employees understand the business's big picture. This isn't just about organizational flow charts and canned mission statements. People should understand how the goals that they accomplish contribute to the overall success of the company. If the company has a list of core values, people should understand what they mean and how they relate back to the products and goals. This further reinforces bonding and loyalty among employees. Nike, for example, offers specialized training programs for new hires to immerse them in multiple areas of the corporation. Participants gain a richer understanding of how various departments and teams collaborate and fit into the extensive corporate structure.

Transparency is a key part of employees' recognition of the roles that they play. In the midst of a recession, it's arguably even more important as thousands of people sit on pins and needles in fear of downsizing. Although managers can't always announce if a merger is in the works or if the business is perilously close to bankruptcy, they should still attempt to maintain openness and communicate to employees how actions at the top will trickle down. After all, when employees can't see the forest for the trees, they won't be much help if a forest fire breaks out.