10 Ways to Keep Employees Happy


Provide Career Growth Opportunities

Providing career growth opportunities builds employee loyalty.
Providing career growth opportunities builds employee loyalty.

Engaged employees who exhibit that optimal blend of job satisfaction and initiative won't want to toil away on the same tasks day in and day out. To maintain and encourage high levels of engagement, employers should offer career growth opportunities. This can come in the form of compensating advanced education, funding conferences and even establishing an internal mentorship program. Whether facilitated on- or off-site, career development enriches employees' skill sets, which will further enrich the business. It also communicates to employees that they are important members of the company team who are expected to learn new and better ways to meet goals and objections.

Some career experts rate career development opportunities as one of the top five most important benefits that employees wish for [source: Gardner]. This especially rings true among the emerging Generation Y workforce. Although millennials are characteristically disloyal to companies, they yearn for fresh learning opportunities [source: The Wall Street Journal]. Integrating that need for variety and feedback while potentially improving job performance could prove to be the perfect storm for honing the newest wave of recruits.