5 Ways to Maximize Happiness


Go With the Flow

Find a rewarding activity to achive a flow state.
Find a rewarding activity to achive a flow state.

Think about the last activity you performed that gave you a true sense of satisfaction. It could be an adept showing on the tennis court, having a two-hour phone conversation with your best friend or a planting an herb garden. Whatever the pursuit, the main reason you may have felt so good afterward is that you had entered a state of flow. The concept of flow, coined by psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihihalyi, refers to entering a state of becoming wholly absorbed in an activity [source: Lyubomirsky]. Flow states offer a balance of challenge and ease, which enhance their rewarding sensations.

Flow is more common among artists, athletes and religious devotees, but that doesn't exclude other people from finding a niche as well [source: Lloyd]. Engaging in something that correlates to your personal strength and offers room for improvement can set you up for flow. In short, find something that you enjoy and get lost in it.