5 Ways to Remain Upbeat in a Down Economy


Know Your Worth

It's great to increase your value for current and potential employers, but to stay happy, you also have to know that you're more than what you do for a living. People's self-worth and confidence are often tied to their careers, so when some people lose their jobs they feel like they're losing a piece of themselves.

Jenny Ungless, owner of City Life Coaching, stresses the importance of being able to "switch off" from work. After all, it's hard to maintain an upbeat attitude if you can't sit back and appreciate the life you have outside of your job, even if your job is currently looking for work. To stay positive about your prospects, "switching off" is essential.

Fortunately, there are many options for those looking to reclaim their lives and identities from the often soul-crushing vacuum of work-related stress and despair. Try spending a few hours a week volunteering for a cause you feel passionately about, or join a local sports league. If charity or sports aren't your thing, try penning the next great bestseller or picking up a musical instrument. It doesn't really matter what you do (or how well you do it), the important thing is that you have something to look forward to that helps you forget your work-related troubles.

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