10 Ways to Pursue Happiness


Quit Obsessing About the Way You Look

Beauty is subjective everywhere except in Hollywood. For most people, the idea of beauty comes from what they see on screen: thin, fit people who always look gorgeous, with glowing skin and bouncy hair. What Hollywood fails to tell you is that for actors and actresses, looking good is part of their job. They are paid to be beautiful and have cooks, maids, personal trainers and hairdressers following them around. For them, looking bad would require effort.

Although seeing a beautiful face in a mirror can make you smile, it doesn't hold the key to long-term happiness. Striving for perfection can increase stress, which in turn robs you of sleep, which accentuates wrinkles and ages your skin. So the key to looking your best is to stop obsessing about it. Instead of focusing on a number on the scale, focus on being healthy, taking care of yourself and losing weight for your health, not beauty's sake. Stop looking for imperfections and instead concentrate on your best features. Can you name five things about your body that you like? If the answer is no, start working on a list.