10 Ways to Pursue Happiness


Do What You Like For a Living

Hate your job? So do millions of others. According to NBC News, less than 40 percent of workers are happy doing what they do for a living [source: NBC News]. And a survey by CareerBuilder.com shows that only one of five people actually have their dream job [source: NBC Dream]. The most surprising aspect of the survey, however, was that most people interviewed did not name salary as an important factor in whether they're happy at work. The largest majority cited "having fun" as essential to job happiness.

If you hate your job, it might be time for a change. More and more people are changing careers after age 40 (or even 50), and many of those people are going back to school to start a new career path. There's no reason why you should stay at a job you hate. And in today's economy, more people than ever are changing careers simply out of necessity. So you might find a field you enjoy more and that offers better job security. Maybe you've been in office jobs all your life and realize you're really the blue collar type. Although you might not be able to quit your current job tomorrow, spend a couple of hours a week researching and applying for a different position. You'll be working toward something better without losing job security, and working toward a goal is bound to make you happier.