10 Ways to Pursue Happiness


Live Where You Want

Ever dreamed of living near the beach in Thailand? Or high in the mountains of Austria? Maybe you've always wanted to find a volunteer job helping lions in Africa? What's stopping you? Back in 2005 (the last time a survey was conducted), there were more than four million American expats living in countries throughout the world and the numbers were growing [source: Shelter Offshore]. Some of those people had relocated due to their jobs, but many others moved just because they fell in love with a different land (or somebody in that land). ESL (English as a Second Language) teaching has opened even more doors, as many countries don't require much of a prospective teacher except a university degree in any field and being a native speaker. Jump on a plane tomorrow and you can have a job in Japan, Korea or the Czech Republic in no time. Even better, you could secure the job through the Internet and then take off.

If you aren't looking to go that far, there are still 49 other states to try besides your own. Whether you like the big city or the open fields of rural America, there's a place out there for you. Sure, you might have to take a few exploratory trips, send out resumes, go house hunting and get through the stress of moving, but isn't it worth it if you can live in the city of your dreams?