10 Child Prodigies


Alma Deutscher

Alma Deutscher
Alma Deutscher performs on stage during the Life + Celebration Concert at Burgtheater on June 6, 2017 in Vienna, Austria. She was 12 at the time. Michael Gruber/Life Ball 2017/Getty Images

Known as "Little Mozart," Alma Deutscher is an accomplished pianist, violinist and classical composer who, like Mozart, started writing and performing her own impressive works while barely old enough to attend kindergarten.

Born in England in 2005, Deutscher started playing the piano when she was just 2 and the violin at 3, and almost immediately began composing original melodies, including an opera about a pirate named Don Alonzo. At 6, she recorded her first piano sonata, at 7, her first complete opera, and at 9, her first concerto for violin and full orchestra, which she herself played with virtuoso skill in front of international audiences. She was just 12 when she wrote her first piano concerto [source: Alma Deutscher].

Although Deutscher, now 13, brushes off comparisons to Mozart, by all accounts she's the real deal. One of her teachers, Robert Gjerdingen, a professor of music at Northwestern University, told "60 Minutes" that Deutscher has unlimited potential as a musician.

"[Music] is her first language," Gjerdingen told "60 Minutes". "She speaks the Mozart style. She speaks the style of Mendelssohn, as if she were a native speaker. She's batting in the big leagues. And if you win the pennant, there's immortality."