10 Studies Connecting Completely Bizarre Things

Harvard medical students toast their graduation with some wine. A study showed intelligent people were more likely to be binge drinkers. What other unusual connections have researchers studied? Darren McCollester/Newsmakers/Getty Images

Knowledge is power. Perhaps that's why so much time and energy go into scientific and other types of research. There are studies verifying the links between smoking and heart disease or diabetes and fatty foods. We nod our heads and say, "That makes sense."

Then you have the studies linking things together that just make you scratch your head. Like winning an Oscar and living longer. Or listening to country music and committing suicide (well, maybe that makes sense). These are just a few of the off-the-wall connections some of the world's best and brightest have dedicated their lives to uncovering.

Yet, they don't crack the top 10 bizarre connections revealed by studies. Read on to see what does.