10 Studies Connecting Completely Bizarre Things

Finger Length and SAT Scores
Finger length ratio has a link with exam performance. iStock/Thinkstock

Maybe intellectual salvation actually lies in your hands. According to a 2007 study published in the British Journal of Psychology, there's a link between the ratio of the length of a person's index to ring finger and their performance on the SAT exam. The study found that boys with higher ring-to-index finger ratios tended to perform better on the test's math section than their peers, while girls with a lower ratio generally had better verbal scores [sources: Live Science, University of Bath].

The correlation tracks back to hormone exposure in the womb. Higher levels of testosterone lead to both a longer ring finger compared to the index finger and higher math skills. Higher levels of estrogen mean a shorter ring finger compared to the index finger as well as higher verbal ability [sources: Live Science, University of Bath]. A related study showed that male academics in science tended to have very little difference in digital ratio, which meant they had almost equal levels of testosterone and estrogen -- thus possessing both verbal and numeracy skills [source: Curtis].