10 Studies Connecting Completely Bizarre Things

Commute Times and Political Engagement
You might think your long commute gives you less time to be politically engaged but experts think it's the stress that is the real problem. iStock/Thinkstock

The longer your work commute, the less likely you are to be politically engaged. Researchers say this connection isn't simply a matter of having less time to devote to politics, but instead possibly the stress associated with long commutes. Many people who spend hours a day slogging to and from the office are simply mentally and emotionally drained, leaving them with little or nothing in the tank for civic involvement [source: Inskeep].

Money may also play a factor. The 2013 study concluded that the effects of commuting on political engagement decrease as the subject's income rises. For the "very wealthy" the researchers even found that longer commutes actually meant more civic commitment [source: Inskeep].