10 Amazing Things People's Brains Have Done

Orlando Serrell's Started Remembering Dates

Orlando Serrell is a rare type of incredibly gifted person; his gift came not naturally but at the end of a baseball bat. While playing a game of ball at age 10, Serrell was hit in the head and developed a headache for a few days. After it cleared up, he found that he could instantly spit out the day of the week for any date since August 17, 1979, the day he was struck. In most cases, he also includes not only the day of the week, but also what the weather was like that day around his Virginia home and other details of his life on that day [source: Lammle].

Serrell says his amazing ability is the result of seeing his calendar answers in his mind's eye, rather than running over a mental calendar or carrying out quick math [source: Lammle].

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