How Ninja Particles Work

Target Applications of Ninja Particles

Ninja particles have the potential to make a huge impact in our lives. Their demonstrated ability to seek out and kill antibiotic-resistant bacteria means we may one day see them in the form of an injectable drug. Researchers continue to gather data on the efficacy and toxicity (or lack of toxicity, actually) of these particles. Once they've completed their tests, pharmaceutical companies may step in to do human trials that monitor how these particles fight off bacterial infections inside the body.

Outside the body, we may start to see ninja particles used as a disinfectant and to stop biofilm formation. The bacteria that make up biofilms are very good at protecting themselves. Many sprays on the market have a hard time breaking through a biofilm's protective layers to disinfect surfaces. Ninja particles, on the other hand, are able to eradicate bacteria in these biofilms on contact, providing a great way to clean medical devices, or even food preparation surfaces.

These nanoparticles may find their way into our personal care products, too, essentially any place where we wouldn't want bacterial buildup. They may be used to coat contact lenses or placed as additives into things like mouthwash, deodorants and detergents. They can even be used in water purification systems. Bad bacteria are everywhere, and these ninja particles are poised to find and destroy them.

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