How Army Unit Supply Specialists Work

Army Unit Supply Specialist Duties

Unit supply specialists are responsible for making sure that the Army's supplies and equipment are kept in good condition, are well documented and are distributed as needed.

There are five basic skill levels within the 92Y MOS. As unit supply specialists advance to higher skill levels, they take on more responsibility for supervising, assisting, inspecting and training those in lower levels. At skill level 5, the highest, a Unit Supply Specialist may be involved in developing plans and operations to improve the way supplies are handled. He or she may act as a liaison to the units that are being supplied.

The duties that unit supply specialists perform depends upon where they're stationed and what the needs are there. One unit supply specialist may spend a lot of time at a desk using computers and telephones. Another may work at airfields and/or warehouses, dealing with trucks or forklifts.

These are some typical tasks carried out by unit supply specialists:

  • Keep inventory of supplies and equipment
  • Keep computerized records about supplies received and delivered
  • Load and unload supplies and equipment, which may involve driving forklifts or operating other warehouse-type equipment
  • Store equipment and supplies
  • Issue equipment and supplies
  • Secure, control, maintain and issue small arms, weapons and ammunition, including security areas for weapons and ammunition
  • Correct problems caused by lost or damaged supplies.
  • Coordinate with other units such as motor transport¬†

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