How Army Unit Supply Specialists Work

Army Unit Supply Specialist Training

Like people being trained for any job, those who will become unit supply specialists spend their first nine weeks in the Army in basic training, a.k.a. boot camp. In boot camp, recruits learn everything it takes to be a soldier. They learn discipline, Army values and how to conduct themselves. They learn how things are done in the Army. They have intensive physical conditioning and are taught about weapons and combat skills.

After boot camp, the next step is eight weeks at the U.S. Army Quartermaster School at Fort Lee, Va., for advanced individual training specific to being a unit supply specialist. The training combines classes with practical experience. Trainees will also learn about:

  • Keeping track of stock
  • Handing medical supplies
  • Handling food supplies
  • Moving and storing ammunition
  • Maintaining records

Unit supply specialists are involved in some of the Army's most cutting-edge training. A pilot program of the Army Capabilities Integration Center (ARCIC) loads training modules on iPhones to provide trainees with information to supplement their regular training [source: Montgomery].

The training and experience of Unit supply specialists can help them find civilian jobs after their military service handling stock, parts and related records in factories, department stores, warehouses and stockrooms. Such jobs are available both in the private sector and in government.

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