10 Best Spots on Earth to Watch the Auroras

Tasmania, Australia
Even if you don’t catch a glimpse of the Southern Lights, Tasmania is still a true tourist destination in its own right. Scott E Barbour/The Image Bank/Getty Images

While Antarctica itself is the only land mass south of the Antarctic Circle, there are several areas north of it where the Southern Lights have been known to grace the skies on a lucky night [source: University of Texas]. One of them is the island of Tasmania.

Located off the southern coast of Australia, Tasmania is one of the closer landmasses to the Antarctic Circle. While it's far from probable, the island does offer visitors the possibility of spotting the aurora australis -- a 1 to 2 percent chance on a clear night [source: AAD].

It takes luck. But Tasmania is a true tourist destination, so at least here, there's plenty more to do should the australis prove elusive.

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