The Aurora as Seen From Space Is Prettier Than You Ever Imagined

An image of the Northern Lights above Alberta, Canada, taken by astronauts aboard the International Space Station. ESA/NASA

You don't have your own spaceship. You don't even have enough money to ride in someone else's spaceship. But the harsh realities of today don't mean you can't have access to amazing views of our planet — that's where astronaut tweets come in.

Astronauts aboard the International Space Station just blasted some truly awe-inspiring photos of the Northern Lights into the social-mediasphere. As seen from above, the aurora borealis appears above the northern stretches of the planet like an otherworldly radiance.

Check out more images below courtesy Tim Peake, a European Space Agency astronaut from the U.K., and Scott Kelly, an American NASA astronaut currently serving a one-year term as the ISS commander. It's almost as good as being up there yourself.