10 Destructive Hurricanes in Recent Times

Hurricane Andrew: August 1992
Hurrcane Andrew's path.
Hurrcane Andrew's path.

The third category 5 storm to hit U.S. shores and the first severe hurricane to hit southern Florida in 27 years, Hurricane Andrew brought along 145 mile per hour winds (with gusts up to 170 miles per hour) and a 17-foot storm surge. The day after Andrew ravaged southern Florida, it moved across to Louisiana, weakening to category 3 status but still packing 120 mile per hour winds. Andrew left 44 dead and caused $26.5 billion in damage, mostly in Florida. Around 250,000 people were left homeless, more than 700,000 insurance claims were filed, and even the coral reefs off the Florida coast sustained damage as far down as 75 feet.

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