10 Destructive Hurricanes in Recent Times


Florida Keys and Corpus Christi, Texas: September 1919

This was the only Atlantic hurricane to form in 1919, but it was a monster! With winds reaching 140 miles per hour, the category 4 storm originally made landfall in Key West, Florida, but continued over the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico and struck again in Corpus Christi -- now downgraded to category 3, but with a 12-foot storm surge.

The storm cost more than $22 million in damages and killed between 600 and 900 people -- many of them passengers on ten ships lost in the Gulf of Mexico. Coincidentally, a boy named Bob Simpson survived the Corpus Christi leg of the storm, sparking his interest in hurricanes and eventually leading him to codevelop the Saffir-Simpson scale used to measure hurricane strength.