5 Tips for Thunderstorm Safety


Stay Informed

A darkening sky is just the beginning.
A darkening sky is just the beginning.

Meteorology may not be your hobby, but it still pays to stay informed about the weather. National Weather Service broadcasts announce severe thunderstorm watches and warnings for counties across the nation. Your local news, weather and even entertainment stations will keep you updated on these important changes via screen crawls and special cut-ins.

Don't leave it at that, though. Watch the sky. Severe thunderstorm watches and warnings are issued when damaging wind or hail is possible; lightning is always part of a thunderstorm. A dark sky and a brisk wind can be signs of an approaching storm. You can also help yourself stay prepared by having a battery-operated weather radio on hand for emergencies. When a thunderstorm is imminent or even suspected, get everyone indoors immediately. It's your best protection.