How Drought Works

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Senior Staff Writer Robert Lamb
Senior Staff Writer Robert Lamb
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Interestingly enough, I wrote this article during a drought. But I also wrote it in Atlanta, Ga., so that shouldn't come as much of a surprise. It seems as if we'd been in a near constant state of drought for years now, interspersed with extreme rain that never quite balances the scales.

At times, I feel like drought has forced us to take water conservation more seriously. I try to think "drinking water, drinking water, drinking water ... " whenever I run the tap, and I find this helps somewhat. I still catch myself stupidly running the faucet while I'm brushing my teeth sometimes, but I usually catch myself.

Of course, there's no excusing the fact that most of us still flush our waste products down the toilet with clean drinking water. Reading about water shortages -- especially potable water shortages -- in other countries really drives home the ridiculousness of it all.

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